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    Enabling root FTP login - how do I do that?


    I need to enable root ftp login. I need to copy and admin a few files externally. I'll be disabling access when I'm done.

    Is there an easy way to do this? I'm running RedHat FC1 and VSFTPD.



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    are you talking about remotly administering your system? for that you can use ssh and scp

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    I realize that I can remotely admin the system using ssh, but FTP is infinitely faster, and I need to copy a lot of files to a lot of different places from my Mac.

    I'm not looking to justify the safety of the idea, I'd just like to know if and how it can be done.



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    Use the scp command to transfer files it is no harder to use than ftp.. yes you can use ftp to transfer files from one computer to annother... for that you need ftpd

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    I have ftpd installed. I just need to enable read/write access via root.

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    im sure it is possible but im not sure how to set that up sorry and i cant use ftp from work so i can try and see how to do it right now when i get home i will see what i can do. maybe someone else will beable to help before i get home
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    Right on.

    I appreciate the speedy feedback. If anyone has an idea on how to do this, I appreciate your input.

    Thanks again,


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    enabling root login by ftp

    First, I'm gonna say what anyone would say: DON'T DO IT!. No matter how many files, scp will work just as well (and for admin-work, ssh even better). If you really dont care about security, rcp might work too. I believe that just uses telnet, but I'm guessing.

    But if you want to use vsftpd, you might want to look into the following things (I'm thinking along the lines of a debian install):

    /etc/ftpusers, it probably contains "root", and I'm guessing again, but it is used to deny ftpusers, and it of course lists "root" (makes you wonder, doesn't it?) so that could be a problem...

    As for vsftpd, in vsftpd.conf:

    Don't forget:

    and something like with "root" in it:

    I'm not sure if this is all that's needed to make it work...
    Did I happen to already scream "DON'T DO IT!!" at you?
    Ah, yes, I did... So, good luck, You'll need it, I guess.

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    VSFTPD Root Access


    Just so that everyone can relax on the obvious security risk, take this scenario...

    I have Dreamweaver MX on my mac. Only standard ftp is supported in my version, or at least to my knowledge. I need to edit files on my linux web server, accross a segmented portion of the LAN to efficiently access and edit the files. Most likely will only need a day, but I need the root ftp access.

    There are work arounds, but if vsftpd would make it easier to implement this, or as easy as it should be, it is a simple solution, and fast.

    Windows is for people that need protection from themselves, I want full documented control over the OS and its apps.

    Just to put it in perspective.

    I still have not found a solution.


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