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    One more thing...

    So I can run commands without root access? I am sure that I will not be able to run commands that only root can, but I can still run something without it? Just curious...

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    Indeed! For instance, the command 'cp' that copies is a file, is an actual program that you have access to. Only root can run commands like fdisk (partitioning program), useradd (add a new user, obviously), or such things, but most commands are available to everyone.


    You download the source to the remote server. You can use the command 'wget' to do this, or you can download it to your local computer and use FTP to place it on the remote server.

    Once having done this, you 'extract' it. Source almost always comes in a .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 file. 'gz' and 'bz2' (gunzip and bunzip2 respectively) are both compression algorithms, while 'tar' is an archiving algorithm. So a .tar is many files displayed as one, and a .gz or .bz2 is a compressed form of whatever the file is.

    So to extract the files, do this from the directory where the source is located (use the 'cd' command to change directories):
    If a .gz:
    tar xvfz NAME_OF_GZ_FILE
    If a .bz2:
    tar xvfj NAME_OF_BZ2_FILE
    'tar' manipulates archives. 'x' means extract, 'v' means verbose, 'f' means a file (as opposed to you manually typing in an archive), 'z' means 'also decompress a gunzip file', and 'j' means 'also decompress a bunzip2 file'.

    So far so good?

    Once you've run the command, a new directory will be created. Use 'cd' to move into that directory. You can then run the configure and make commands.

    All good?

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    Thank you guys for all of your help! I finally logged in as root, but I was using the wrong user name and password!

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