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Thread: No Sound!

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    No Sound!


    When I was installing Mandrake 10.0 Community it told me that it couldn't configure my sound card, so once the OS was up and running I used the sndconfig command to try and get it going. It seemed to work and played a sound sample for me, but after I confirm that I've heard the sample it freezes and I'm left with no sound. Any ideas as to why that might be would be very much appreciated.

    This promblem seems a little outrageous to me because I have a Sound Blaster 16-bit card, the most generic card there is!

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    RPM based distros like mandrake/redhat/suse are generaly not very good imo.. try gentoo - it cannot be beaten! Anyway

    as root run this command and post the output in your reply:

    modprobe emu10k1

    If there is no output then the command was sucsesfull and you should be able to acesses your soundcard and configure it with aumix/kmix or some other app.
    If you join the IRC channle it will be easyer to help witht this sort of problem. See my signature for details.

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    I typed in modprobe emu10k1 and there was no output but I am still uable to get any sound. When I try to open a mixer it says:

    Couldn't open mixer device /dev/sound/mixer

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    When I try a different mixer I get:

    Volume control is unable to run correctly.

    Unable to open audio device '/dev/mixer'.
    Please check that you have permissions to open '/dev/mixer'
    and that you have sound support in your kernel.

    Press Quit to exit Volume control

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    In most distros you need to be in the audio group.. also check that the application you are attempting to play sound in is useing the correct audio plugin.. ALSA/OSS etc

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