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    Uninstalling suse linux

    Hi i just sold my computer, and the person who bought is dosent want the suse 9.0 on it just the crappy old xp, how would i go about uninstalling suse , i dont know much about this stuff so alot of detail would be great.When i start my computer i can choose which system i want to load so i need to get rid of that to.
    Thanks alot

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    what you need to do is boot from a linux bootdisk and then use fdisk to delete the linux partitions... after that, you need to use a win98se/dos bootdisk to run 'fdisk /mbr' (w/o quotes) to repair the mbr... then, you can use dos/win98's fdisk to make all the free space from the linux partitions into dos/win partitions... after you're done with that, you can safely reinstall WinXP and have all of the HDD space reclaimed...
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    good advice that lordnothing, however if anyone needs to kill linux partitons from dos/3.x/95/98/me/2000/nt(i think)... in fact every os m$ exept xp, goto www.shareware.comand type in aefdisk. after downloading you will need to unzip it using winzip ect.. after doing this run, from the dos prompt (not a shell in windows!) (after "cd" to the place where the .zip file was extracted) type aefidsk followed by your hdd number (eg 0 is primary master hdd ect)and then type (to erase whole drive) /delall and hit return. for more info read the readme.txt file in the archive.
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