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Thread: Wtf Grub

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    Wtf Grub

    WTF! I was trying to reboot into windows from linux, GRUB came up and I saw about 8 different types of linux, BUT NO WINDOWS!?!?!? I had it all set up and it overwrote my /boot/grub/menu.lst! I had a backup but it got accidentally erased in the process of setting it back up!!! HOW did this happen, HOW do I NOT let it happen again, and how do I get windows XP back!?!?! All I can even think of is the updates that Debian Etch installed. Is this the kind of crap I can expect from a linux/windows dual boot? Linux is a hobby right now, but I NEED windows. How do I get it back?

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    I managed to rebuild my windows entry, but WTF happened and how can I NOT have it happen again?

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    To add an option for your windows partition it should be something like:
    title		Windows
    root		(hd0,0)
    chainloader	+1
    where "(hd0,0)" is the location of your windows partition. (if you installed windows first, then that setting should be right, otherwise you can try checking
    gparted or fdisk to determine which partition windows is on. Just add that code to the end of your grub.lst file.

    Hope this helps! If anything isn't clear, let me know

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    Thanks for the help, but like I said, I got that rebuilt. Now my only question is why the heck did Debian Etch overwrite it like that?

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