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First off, a very big welcome from all of us to the world of Linux, and to! We're glad you are considering using Linux for your computing needs. This ...
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    Which Distro? Please look here before posting!

    First off, a very big welcome from all of us to the world of Linux, and to!

    We're glad you are considering using Linux for your computing needs. This thread is an attempt to resolve the problem of repeated threads asking the question, "Which Distro?".

    It's a common question, but the fact of the matter is, nobody can tell you which distribution will be the best for you. Human beings are all different and we have different likes and dislikes. In addition, our computers are different, so you will probably have to experiment some to find the best distro for you, and your computer.

    When faced with the "Which Distro?" question, please do the following (in order) and you won't have to post to ask:

    1) Check out the distro quiz here and/or here.

    2) Check distrowatch. They have reviews of all the latest/major distros as well as pros, cons and comparisons.

    3) Google.

    4) Check out the IRC Channel : #linuxforums at We have many experienced and knowledgeable users that frequent the channel. They can all help you decide (especially with the knowledge that you have gained from steps 1-3).

    Please follow these guidelines for everyone's benefit, and know that we'll be most happy to help with any other problems you may have.

    Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you on the forums.
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    What about old computers?

    Another question that is asked quite frequently is "Which distro will work on an old, small, slow, or otherwise not top-of-the-line computer?" The above links will work, but here are some other suggestions for "lightweight Linux distributions" (most of which can be found on Distrowatch):

    Vector Linux
    Damn Small Linux
    Puppy Linux
    Zenwalk Linux

    Keep in mind that these are only a few of the available lightweight distributions. We highly recommend you try out as many as you can so that you better your chance of finding the right distribution for you.
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    Polls: Which Distro?

    Those users trying to determine which distro they might want to use should also take a look at the Favorite Distro Poll posted in the Coffee Lounge (special threads and polls section) to see how others have voted regarding their favorite Linux distributions.
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