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    strange failure for kernel loading

    Hi all!
    Im currently having a class, where the students are learning linux. I have one problem, which I cant really solve -> we have computers with hd-racks, meaning that the students have their personal hd's and for classes, they just put it in a computer. For some reason, some hd's dont work for specific computers, even though they are of the same modell. The kernel just loads a little bit and then hangs. The distro is slackware 8.1 by the way.
    The kernel are pre-compiled - how come the some installations doesnt work on some computers? They all have the same kernel (precompiled bare.z). We can also start every computer with the kernel on the CD, to start the root filesystem that way..

    ANyone have a possible answer to this? Im soon going to copy an image of my filesystem and put on other computers for teachers - I would like to ensure taht the kernel is working for all copmuters..

    Thanks a bunch / Regards Oscar

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    Do you have the same motherboards in all machines? Some IDE chipsets are known to be broken.
    Also, where does the kernel hang, exactly, and how hung is it? If you type something, does it show on the screen, and are the Caps Lock and Scroll Lock KB LEDs blinking?

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    Hi again!
    It should be the same motherboard on all - but I should check to be sure..
    About the actual hanging - the system hangs when trying to load the kernel (the sequence of dots being presented on the display). The system could hang while not having presented any dots, half of them or all. The caps lock led and numlock led can be used and further on ctrl-alt-del, meaning that the keyborad is functional. Note that in neither case the text showing the process of the kernel is displayed, since the system hangs earlier..
    Sometimes strange artefacts is displayed - colorized chars and blocks..
    Since the kernel from the cdrom always starts on every computer which was used during the installations, it doesnt seem that the kernel likes my hd or the use of racks (the last one seems more than strange)..


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    Oh, I get it. I thought you meant while the kernel was initializing. In that case, it's something with the BIOS and/or the boot loader. Make sure that the BIOS settings are the same on each computer. What boot loader are you using? If you're using LILO, try GRUB instead.

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    Thanx buddy - will try those tips of yours

    Regards Oscar

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