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    Linux Newbie - How do you browse to CD - see USB


    I registered at the "Damn Small Linux" forum, but even though I clicked the proper link in the "Thanks for Registering" email, I can't post there.

    Yesterday I installed Damn Small Linux on one of my old 'puters:

    MOB: FIC VA 503+
    CPU: Cyrix 333 MII
    HDD: 4 gig Quantum 5400 RPM
    RAM: 128 Meg
    Sound: ES1370
    Video: I forget-16 Meg PCI card

    I have used DOS/Windows for many years and thought that it is time to try Linux. I have searched the HowTos on the Internet for a couple of hours and have not found the answers to these questions, so please don't tell me to RTFM-I have looked..really.

    I have many questions but I will limit myself to a couple here.

    1. Earlier in the day I had Red Hat 6.2 installed and stuck an audio CD in the drive and it just played. I uninstalled Red Hat for other reasons and downloaded DSL - I put an audio CD in "Damn Small Linux" and there was no Auto Play happenin'. I am not sure how you browse to the CD drive - you mount it - I guess? It does not appear as in Windows as a drive letter - not news for most of you but I would like to know how to browse the CD. The CD works fine of course because I made the image from an ISO and installed it, I am just to ignorant to figure out how to see it.

    2. I dee that on Bootup there is USB support being started but I am not sure how to access, for instance, a USB stick (Lexar Jumpdrive Traveler). I stuck it in and tried to figure out how to see the contents but couldn't figure it out.

    Thanks for any help,
    Doug W

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    Usually the easiest way to get linux to do what you want is to talk to it through the terminal. I'm just saying this to encourage you to learn a bit of commandline stuff

    For browsing an audio cd you can't mount it because it is not a regular filesystem (unlike a data disk). What you need is an audio player. I don't recall what programs DSL has, but if it has a cd player (like kscd, xmms, mplayer, xine) try using it to look at your audio cd. I suspect you could find one in the programs menu under "Multimedia" if DSL comes with one. If you don't have an audio cd playing program, you'll have to install one. I'm not sure how DSL is organized, so if this is the case hopefully someone else can tell you how to go about doing that.

    As for accessing a usb key, you can try mounting it from command line. This must be done with root user privilages and the syntax for mounting something is:
    # mount /dev/DEVICE /mnt/DIRECTORY
    You will need to figure out what DEVICE your usb is. Usually it will be called: /dev/sda, /dev/sdb, /dev/sdc ...

    To figure out which one it is, just list the contents of the /dev directory like so:
    $ ls /dev/sd*
    It will most likely be the one with the lowest alphabetical letter after the "sd". (You can just use trial and error, if you aren't sure.)

    Once you think you know which device your usb key is, you'll need to create a directory to mount it to in the /mnt directory (which is the conventional location).
    # mkdir /mnt/usb
    Now you can simply mount it:
    # mount /dev/sda /mnt/usb
    The contents of your usb key should now be in the "/mnt/usb" directory.

    If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. I followed your directions and so far was able to mount the

    floppy drive
    CD-ROM (with a data CD)

    DSL has Mplayer but I get the message "sound device not configured" or something like that.

    Even though I can see that the (sound card), Ensoniq Audio PCI ES1370 is being recognized on bootup, it looks like I will have to add drivers. As far as I can tell from reading the HowTos, I can try the ALSA drivers and will need TAR files for:


    Your answers were easy for an old DOS guy to understand and I was able to follow your directions and accomplish some things. After some yard work and cleaning around the house, I am going to take a shot at the sound card and USB port.

    I think that I will make a separate post for the sound card. It might be easier for other newbies to search in the future.

    Thanks again,

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    Linux Newbie jpalfree's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug W View Post
    I think that I will make a separate post for the sound card. It might be easier for other newbies to search in the future.
    Good idea. I can't count the number of times posts with good explicative titles have helped me.

    glad to have helped. If you have any troubles with the usb, just post again.
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