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    Question Linux Architecture?

    I was wondering if anyone could describe the Linux Architecture? I have browsed all over the internet and have gotten many different things and some of it was just confusing. I was wondering if someone could just explain the architecture of Linux?

    thank you

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    Can you be more specific? There is no single "Linux architecture." In the software world you generally refer to "architecture" when talking about the instruction sets the CPU uses, which are different for Intel-compatibles versus IBM's POWER processors or Sun's Sparcs. Linux runs on all these architectures. I guess I'm just confused as to what you mean.
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    yes I realize this however this is a question that I need to answered for school and that is simply the question that I was given there is nothing else. I am using Fedora core 6 if that helps any. I have searched but get many different results for this question. I just want one answer from someone who knows Linux.

    thank you

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    The forum rules directly disallow asking homework questions.

    Now, as chance would have it, I have no idea how to answer your question (I don't understand it at all), but see #4 at:

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    thanks the one place I thought i would get some help can not help me. Well i will have to try to find another place to find some info since this site can not help me with my problem. Glad to see someone who is new to linux really can not get true answers to something that I need to know for myself as well as school.

    good bye to these forums

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    It's against the forums rules to ask such questions here:


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