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Thread: No OS X Love?

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    No OS X Love?

    I keep seeing all these distros and GUI's that are geared toward making the switch between Windows and Linux easier. All these start buttons with tree menus.

    Are there any distros or GUI's built from the ground up to emulate a Mac OS X feel? And I don't mean just themes and icon sets imposed on top of KDE or something like that. I want one MADE to act like OS X. Is there anything of this kind?

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    If you want OS X look, use OS X
    It's a pretty stable and beatiful OS

    Nobody wants to imitate a different OS currently in Linux, we want to be unique and such projects (imitate OS X or Windows) are not welcome

    Last thing, I don't want to be rude, but if you want a DE designed to look like OS X, code it yourself and don't come demanding one.
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