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    Slow dsl Speedstream 4100 Mepis 6.5

    Ok my daughter signed up for dsl 1.5 M with AT&T and they gave her a Siemens Speedstream 4100. Mepis 6.5 did recognize it and gets on the internet but it's slow. We have the same speed dsl and I sent her a link to check her speed. Mine came across at 1.4 M and hers came back at 606 KB. At first she couldn't get hold of me, so she tried tech support. They transferred her back and forth and they never heard the words Mepis, Linux or believe it or not Firefox and told her she needed to upgrade to Windows XP and she needed to use Internet Explorer. . She's running Mepis 6.5
    Our computers are both 750 MHZ with 384 M ram and her computer did fine with my internet connection so I have to assume this is a problem with the speedstream. Googling didn't help much. Can anyone suggest help on what to do here to pick up the speed? (W/O the upgrading)
    She's hooked up to the Speedstream 4100 with an ethernet cat5 type to a pci network card (I know the net card works right

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    Registered Linux Box no more

    Not too much activity in this forum. I guess we don't have to worry about this problem anymore. The bad thing is they were finally able to start rounding up all the stuff they had in storage and get it in one place. To top it off their car threw a rod yesterday. They were visiting down in our area and their dog woke their roommate up by barking before becoming overtaken by the smoke. Their roommate had time to grab my 3 year old grandson and run out the back door in his boxers. I guess we have guests for awhile until they find another place. They're starting over with like 2 pairs of clothes but I'm thankful that no people were hurt. It's ironic that the dog I tried to get them to get rid of ended up saving lives. (pitbull - it was harder to find a house etc)
    Anyway just venting a little

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