Ok, this is an idea i have that i feel needs help since im still fresh with linux and dont know how to build a distro like i need. what i want this BT NAS distro to do is very easy its a simple nas like freenas with the webgui but with a bittorrent client with a scheduler for those times when you need the net and when you dont, for uploading torrents my idea was either do it with the webgui like you can in utorrent and i think ktorrent (having problems with it) but i have a simple way with sharing a folder and uploading the torrent file to it and the client loads it from there. if this works out users can use this program with old systems with a few drives or one big one (maybe partitioned in the gui too) it would be a great alternative to buying those network storage devices that run linux when no distro like this that i wish to make exists. thanks in advance for any help or just for looking.