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    oh! i think this might be it. im using the LOADLIN boot loader. to get to the cheat codes, am i supposed to be using the GRUB boot loader??

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    if you did ctrl alt delete did that exit X and allow you to type to test settings...if that did not work you may do some googles on the sis vid chip..may need a driver or something...I thought lilo and grub were the available loaders..Hmmm

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    i have all three boot loaders, and i tried to use each one. loadlin is the easiest for me, actually. I couldn't find any help or documentation about lilo or grub...this gets old, huh?lol

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    sorry I cannot be more helpfull...My suggestion would be to try another vid card..if that is possible..I have had lots of hardware that is not linux friendly. this is not a fault of linux exactly..and for me prompted the use of live cd's and sifting of used parts..I found dsl very recycle friendly in terms of mhz and ram and small re tiny drives//plus it fit on a thumb drive at the was worth my if you get it working..have of luck

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    Yeah, still can't get it working... good thing im upgrading... i got a "new" computer. some friend of mine's computer doesn't work, so she gave it to me. it was a power supply problem. fan clogged up... anywho, it's got a pretty neat little setup, so as soon as i can get it set up, im going to try linux on it... hahaha. maybe it'll work. i'll post when i find out.

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    i just found my flash drive. horray! I'll try to boot linux off of that...i respond when i get a chance to...

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    I got the usb drive and booted linux from it. it works now. that's good! I used the linux boot disk and fired it off of it. I fixed my CD-Burner, works great now, and i booted linux off of a live cd. good 4 me. Don't think that this is the end of this thread! You can still post little tips and tricks for people who can't seem to get x to work. There are alot of VERY custom built PC's out there that people want to trash windows on and get linux. i was one of those ppl. If anything else occurs, i'll post it here. later!

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