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    Exclamation Can't get DSL to boot. Please help!

    Hi! I recently found out about DSL and figured i'd give it a try, since nothing else ive seen will work with my computer. Anyway, im using it on another hard drive that's on my computer. (master is 6 GB, has windows 2000, FAT32, slave is 1.5 gb, has DSL, FAT) To boot it i have to type in:

    E:>cd isolinux
    E:\ISOLINUX>loadlin @options.txt

    and everything loads just ducky. i get to the setup, select options, and select all the stuff. then it starts to's a black screen. there is hard drive activity, which makes me wonder if it's not a video problem. to back this up:
    i select the first option, select 800x600, select 24bit color, and the screen is and get a missing module, fatal error...etc. i reboot, select the first option (again) select 800x600, 8 bit color (256 color, i think) and get a black screen. ive tried EVERY POSSIBLE combination of settings possible, and still wind up with a BLACK SCREEN! Here is the overview of my computer:

    Cyrix MII 224mhz (same as PII)
    SiS 5598 (video)
    64 MB RAM
    a 4x cd-rom drive
    a 3 1/2 floppy drive
    and if you need anything else, let me know. Thanks alot!

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    Did it run from the cdrom as a LiveCD. I know DSL has the option to install to harddrive from the LiveCD.

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    well, actually, no. i downloaded the iso and used virtual clone drive (very useful) and copied the contents to H:\ (my second harddrive)

    C:main harddrive
    D:actual cd-rom
    E:virtual clonedrive cd 1
    F:virtual clonedrive cd 2
    <<following is the linux drive>>
    G: HDA 1 Linux Swap (128mb)
    H: HDA 2 Linux Kernel (the rest of the drive)

    then i got the loadlin boot loader and entered manually the command to boot linux. i have win2000, msdos 6.22 on 1 hd, and u know the rest. my cd burner is screwed till i have time to fix it. i have never used linux before and i just am confused. again
    , if u need 2 know anything, let me know. thanks

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    I you want to run DSL from within Windows you should use something like VMware Player or QEMU. DSL or Linux in general do not use the drive letter (A:C:E: etc) strategy that Windows uses. Linux wants its own space to run from.

    You will get more useful information if you visit the DSL user forums where there are very good "how to's" and info that will explain better than I.

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    that's where i went first, but i couldn't read the posts nor could i post. it said i dont have permission to post or read. i signed up for an account and everything. things just dont like me, i guess, lol

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    I was just on a computer that has never been logged in to the DSL forums and I can view and read all of the posts, just can-t reply unless I login. I went to the DSL user forum from the link at Distrowatch.

    You will get it sorted out just hang in there. I like to burn the DSL iso to a mini-CDR and then it fits in a shirt pocket. I have also used mini-CD/RW's and also copied the files to a flash card in a usb card reader and booted and ran from that. There are several ways to run DSL and it is quite a powerhouse for the size but it is expandable if one needs to.

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    as is worth haveing the live allows you to test your hardware first..if the live cd works then the install should.
    .the forum is the same for me..and others..I think it is broke...but works well for some.

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    yeah, i agree... anyway. when you boot it from ur hd, it wont give u a boot screen, just the thing at the end of "initializing kernel...ok done." i never get a chance to enter a cheatcode

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    right....if the system is running and you just cannot see it then you can try ctrl alt delete to shutdown x..then type and change the settings...also when the system boots there is a few secs to change grub boot settings where vga=normal should be and can be possibly changed...and the repository I think has some drivers but have not needed so not sure what or if they work. if none of this works your card may be in question..hope that helps

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    ok when do i enter a cheatcode? please tell me when, like. right after the "initializing kernel...ok done." statement, or something. thank you all for trying to help me out

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