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Thread: Solaris Install

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    Solaris Install

    I'm not sure if this is the correct spot... if not, I apologize and will move it as soon as I find out... On with the post!

    I am looking to install Solaris by Sun Microsystems onto my Windows XP machine. All i have is a 40 gig hd which has only been used for the Win XP. Is there a way to partition off the ammount of HD space needed to install Solaris or will I need to completely go from the ground up? Fresh install of XP and Solaris? Thank!


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    No you shouldn't need to start from scratch.

    You could try using the Parted Magic LiveCD to shrink your WinXP partition to make room for Solaris.

    The liveCD is a small download and burn to CD, and it's quite easy to use as it's a clone of Partition Magic (for Windows). They provide good docs for using it on their website, too.

    Edit: Here is a HowTo that might help with the dualboot issue:

    Multi-booting Solaris and other operating systems
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    Awsome! Thanks for the info. I was able to shrink my XP partition and install the Solaris 10. One question I have is this; I went thru the install without problem. Then it came to the portion where it should have asked if I was installing it on a network or not (I'm using a nice guide I found on the net with pretty pics and everything ) It didn't.... it just skipped to asking me for a host name for the pc I was isntalling it on. Is this because it didn't recognize my having a nic installed? Is it possible I have the wrong type of install discs? (They are the free ones I d/l'd from Sun) I've tried installing it 3 times using dif options to see if I could get it to bring up the window asking for the network.... Here is a link to a pic of the window I am talking about.

    How to Install Solaris 10

    It then skips all the steps associated with that and takes me to this window.

    How to Install Solaris 10

    It then skips a few more of the networking steps and then puts me at the window where I chose time zones and such.

    Any ideas? Thanks again for the help, it's much apreciated!


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