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    Damn Small Linux and lowram

    Hello! At this night i install DSL-N on my hard drive (i split C to C and new virtual HD for linux - 350mB) in notebook with 32MB RAM...
    When i try to run Browser he start read something from HD (read browser's info ), but Web Browser does not run successful (i must power off device for complete this operation ) At this monet free about 10-13mb of RAM and SWAP is 0!. Maybe i must use swap? How?

    P.S.>> Text processor and IM messanger run on this laptop&DSL-N.
    + how i can use DMA when i load linux from HD? When i use live-cd DSL ask me commang line where i can write "dsl dma", but when i start his from HD this line does not show me

    OMG my english

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    Yeah, i use Swap but i cant startup browser... Who can help me?

    OMG! DSL-N very slow OS My win98se more and more faster ;(

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    with very low ram you will need to create a swap partition..dillo browser should work but firefox requires lots of ram..128 meg will run it and with swap it will work but slower...opera may work better with swap..
    .win 98 will work better on 32 meg ram with swap being the free space on the drive.
    .linux requires a swap partition...try 150 meg if space is available..try fdisk via run level 2 on the live cd to create.
    for dma...when the computer boots it leaves a little time I think to edit grub and change nodma to dma by backspacing no and saveing then continue boot
    .hope it helps

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