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Thread: which distro?

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    which distro?

    My main problem before was that I didn't have enough blank CDRs... to risk copying a 3, 4, or 5 cd distro off the net to try. My basic problem is this... I can't decide on which one to go with.

    I've used all three forms of ubuntu, mepis linux, dsl, puppy, Gentoo has video issues, dreamlinux, slax, and knoppix. right now I am downloading the latest version of openSuSE. to try.

    so what I'm looking for -

    1. Gnome, KDE, or XFCE. fluxbox/icewm or other GUI's accepted but I like the main ones foremost.
    2. It has to be a free distro. If it's a free version of something that comes with alot more that you could pay for, I may end up paying for it, so include those too.
    3. It has to work with my wireless card. Mepis works fine (SimpleMEPIS 6.5) just with 10 seconds of adjustment on Knetworkmanager. My wireless card is a PCMCIA DLink DWL G630 revision C with an Atheros chipset. But xubuntu, dsl, and puppy would not work even with NDiswrapper running win2k driver.
    4. lots of software packages. I don't want it to run terribly slow, but I want it to offer alot in the way of things I can do with it. I don't care about running my laptop as a server. I use it as my mobile desktop.

    if it were the hands down coolest distro, and took 10 cd downloads off the net, I would get it. If it was one cd and was the coolest but no way found my wireless card to work, then I wouldn't.

    If, last resort, I can't get anything I want to stick with to work with my wireless card, then I'll resort to a live USB install to keep for when I need my internet access. so. excited to see what openSuSE looks like.

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    I really can't recommend a distro for you, that's an issue only you can resolve. It's just a matter of taste. But any Wireless card with an Atheros chipset should work on almost any distro. Have a look at madwifi.
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    I recommend giving PCLinuxOS a try. I've downloaded and burned several disks for trying out different distros and finally decided to use PCLinuxOS. It comes with everything I need and doesn't require much tweaking and installing extra things after the install. I can say that this is the best Linux distro I've ever used.

    By the way if you don't wanna waste CDs for trying out distros you can use Virtualbox to create virtual machines. It does everything a real pc can do for me, except 3d acceleration.

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    As already mentioned by MikeTbob, We can't recommend you any distro. You have to decide yourself. Check the link in my signature. It will get you going. If you have any other questioon, feel free to a new thread.
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