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    define nomce. what is it exactly?

    Prior to now, I could put in any LiveCD and it would boot from the standard boot option. I use Mepis as my default though. any case, as of today, I could NOT boot from ANY LiveCD that I have on hand, unless I put in nomce.

    BUT - when I boot in (example given, SimplyMEPIS 6.5), graphics performance is slightly better, my overall CD reading and HDD writing time is faster, not to mention that for the first time ever, Mepis detected my wireless card (not unusual) and then automatically set itself up (halfway normal... i used to have to change Knetworkmanager to 'automatic') and linked up to the router (this never happened before).

    so if I didn't used to have to throw in the command nomce, then why does it work better now with it in? why would it not work at all at this point unless I threw it in? odd eh? what is nomce exactly?
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    define nomce. what is it exactly?

    This command disables self-diagnosis checks performed on the CPU. The kernel enables self-diagnosis on the CPU by default (called Machine Check Exception). On some older Compaq machines, this check is run too often and may need to be disabled.
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