Ok im really new to linux, bought a ps3 and though it would be cool to install YDL and stream my movies from my PC ( vista ) to my ps3 in the living room.

After some hours google-ing i got yum all configured and got vlc installed ( with some help from these forums ).

Now i dont know how specific i have to be so i may leave out some key detail , or maybe over specific. With some tikering around i finally got vlc to play a dvd , and 1 file off the network.

Im logged in as root and running a GNOME session

The file that i played wasnt in a folder ie (//movies/movie.avi) so ive figure out how to play movies that are not in a sub folder of //movies , my problem starts when i try and open a sub folder within //movies i get the error message "Nautilus cannot display smb://jon/Movies/Disturbia" please use another viewer.

Ive been google-ing for a while now and cant seem to find a solution. If there is a thread addressing this im sorry in advance , i tryed searching but must be using the wrong words casue i get no hits or 89 pages , if you could link me to the post or another web site would be great.