Hi, I built my system from source following the LFS 6.3 book to the letter(pretty sure). After that I went though a mix of the latest BLFS book 6.2 and the dev copy of the BLFS book. I am running gnome but I noticed this problem before that when I was running TWM right after I installed X. It seems that whenever my system is doing a write to the hard drive the entire screen freezes including text when typing and mouse movement. It is possible it has been going on before I had X but did not notice because I only used one tty. It is very annoying needless to say but havn't had much luck finding anything out there on what the problem might be! Oh yeah, the system doesn't lock up perminatly. Only for a second or two while it does the write and then resumes normal operation for another 5-7 seconds.

Thanks for your ideas!!