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    hey everyone, like my name says im a newb in linux n i got a question if anyone can help please, i want to compress a whole folder i use pc linux OS, but im not sure hw to do it, il greatly appreciate any help.

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    There are several different ways to compress a directory. Open a shell window and try one of these.

    tar czf foldername.tar.gz foldername/*
    tar makes one file out of many and the z flag runs it through gzip compression. For the same with better compression but slower use bzip2 compression

    tar cjf foldername/*
    Or simply make a zip out of it

    zip foldername/*
    There are many, many more options, but those are the most common ones in my experience.

    Let us know how you get on,

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    tnx, i'l try dat n i'l let you kno how it went

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