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    no sound in firefox

    I've been dual booting with Mepis for about a year now and about 3 months ago switched to 6.5. As soon as i switched from 6.0 to 6.5 everything went flawlessly until I tried to watch a video in firefox. You guessed it, no sound. I've bee all over the internet, forums and googled my fingers to the bone trying to find an answer and have found none.

    I have came to a conclusion and hopefully someone more Mepis savvy than I can confirm my theory. I believe there is something in the newer kernel that allows the 3D beryl to work that the older kernel didn't AND with that newer kernel there is something in there that messes with the sound. I reinstalled 6.0 and i got sound back. I then tried to upgrade to 6.5 through the repos with synaptic incrementally. Once I reached the point where i installed the new kernel, that's when I lost sound.

    Could someone please reply to this and let me know if my thinking is right or am I just loopy.

    Oh yeah and if you did fine another way around this, that would be great. I'm trying to get Firefox to run through crossover and see if that works. I can't figure out wine to save my life. I'll update in a few days and post my results

    thanx for your time

    Goth Mneph

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    can you get sound on any other application? or is it just firefox?

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    Yeah, i get sound for everything except Firefox. I can even get sound using ie4linux but the video on that is choppy at best.

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    .. just re-read your post.. why would you want firefox to run in crossover? its a native linux app...

    anyways.. are you trying to watch flash video on youtube or something? or does this happen on all sound clips that play(ie on a page that is not playing them through a flash based player)

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    I had this happen with 6.5.

    A lot of searching lead me to this command which should
    be run as root.

    apt-get dist-upgrade

    A quick reboot and YouTube worked

    Just so you know what you are doing, here is a link to
    the apt-get man pages. Linky
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    Lightbulb sound in Firefox works with crossover

    I successfully managed to get Firefox for windows to run with crossover and I get sound with the flash videos, but it runs a tad slow. Once I get the Linux Firefox to work I can uninstall the windows Firefox and ie4linux.

    are there web sites that don't use flash for their videos?

    my family and i go to a lot of sites that require flash ie: youtube, disney, cartoonnetwork and the like.

    i tried elija's suggestion but i have had a chance to reboot into Mepis yes. I'll try when i get home.

    thank you both for your help.

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    i tried elija's suggestion but i haven't had a chance to reboot into Mepis yes. I'll try when i get home.

    I rebooted and it is still the same as before.

    Goth Mnpeh

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