Hey, I've been running Puppy linux on my Old toshiba satilite for a while. I like it because of it's speed and functionability.

The other day, I went to turn it on, and as it started X up it crashes and goes to a prompt. The keyboard also is messed up as if it's using a differant keymap, but it says it's using the azerty keymap. Here are some of the key differances. I have to press shift to type any numbers, z and w are switched, a and q are switched, m and ; are switched and almost all of the punctuation is messed up.

I'm curiouse as to what could have happend. I hadn't made any system changes befor I turned off the laptop and it was booting fine befor.

If you need it, I can paste any X related configuration files up. Oh, I also tried xorgwizard from the promt and 'xwin jwm' just to see if that would fix problems with X but I get the same issue. Is there a way to start up the setup screen were you select the keyboard? I can do most everthing else I need from the promt, so even that would help me a lot.