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    Quote Originally Posted by minthaka View Post
    Yes, Gparted is great piece of software, but I can tell some details for sure:
    1. It works basically as a program for preparation, to create empty spaces for installation processes.
    2. I still has many bugs: it apparently cannot move large partitions, I never succeeded to shrink ext3 partitions (trials on multiple PCs)

    It probably works O.K with Windows partitions. I just wrote it down to see some things clear. The developer is, what a surprise, a Catholic monk! He has no time to work on it, and he's asking for help. Still, this is the only partitioner for Linux I know.
    Hi minthaka,
    Is the catholic monk the developer of "GParted", or of "Parted Magic"???
    - I got unsure...
    Thank you.

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    He is the maintainer of the gparted liveCD.
    If you need a CD/DVD catalogizer, give a try to my program:
    Linux Usert#430188

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