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    Login / Password: Login failed


    I just upgraded my laptop with a new heatsink/fan and a new touchpad/palmrest, and installed SymplyMEPIS 6.5 on to my brandnew SSD (32GB Transcend).

    Installation whent fine, and it installed 100% without problems.
    At the end, it asked me for a username and password, which I tiped in.

    But then: I tryed to log in, and I received a message, that the password is incorrect, and that login is uncuccessful/denied/refused, or whatever.

    I tried several times, but only got the same error message.

    What did I do wrong? How can I set a new password for the login to SymplyMEPIS?

    My laptop is a IBM ThinkPad T41.

    I would be very grateful for quick and efficiant help, as I am not able to login to my operation system.


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    Welcome to the forums!

    Here's a HowTo you can use to reset root and/or user passwords:

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    Hello ozar,
    thanks, but this looks way to complicated for me (newbie).
    It is just a simple thing:
    1) Installed OS.
    2) OS does not accept password that it asked for at the end of the intallation procedure.

    There should sure be a easyer way to do it???


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    Have you tried reinstalling? Other than following the steps in the HowTo, a reinstall would probably be the easiest.

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    Maybe easyer to reinstall the OS, and let it ask again for username and password again.

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    Yes, you just read my mind.

    You just came at the same time.

    Yes, I agree, you speak out of my mind.


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    Passwords are case sensitive, so keep that in mind.

    Let us know how it goes.

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    I will log out, now.

    1) I will try again, to log in to the OS.

    2) If it wont't work, I shal reinstall the OS.

    3) I will then let you know (later), if I succeeded.

    Thanks, see you later.


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    Problem solved.

    Solution: Reinstallation of the OS, and then writing username and password, as well as all the other names in smal letters.
    Example: Username, first: "Meier", then second time: "meier". - Perhaps that did the trick. I have no idea.

    Thank you, for your attention.

    New question:

    For this installation of SimplyMEPIS, I am sure, I only had the possibilty of "autoinstall", becaus "GParted", as well as "QTParted", someohow did not work.

    So anyway:
    I have done a fresh install by autoinstall onto a new SSD.
    Having looked in the way that it has been partitioned, dos not look ideal.
    I have ca. 32 GB.

    This is what gtparted shows me:

    Model: TS32GSSD25-M (Transcend)
    Total size: 30239.5
    Sectors: 61930575
    Status: occupied

    hda1 (2.57 GB) hda3 (1.12 GB)
    01 /dev/hda1 ext3 activ 9.77 GB used size: 2.57 GB End: 9.77 GB

    02 /dev/hda2 linux-swap 1000.37MB used size: 0.00MB End: 10.74 GB

    03 /dev/hda3 ext3 18.79 GB used size: 1.12 GB End: 29.53 GB

    __________________________________________________ ________

    Now, this is how I thought, it might be better for me:

    root ca. 5 GB (max. 8 GB)

    home ca. 7 GB

    swap ca. 400 MB

    other/user data, etc. ca. 20 GB


    I would be grateful, if some members can tell me, how I am able to proceed:
    How I can resize/change my partition sizes, to my specific needs, as shown in a sugestion. Other sugestions welcome.

    Thank you.


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    You can use the Parted Magic LiveCD to easily shrink/expand partitions:

    Parted Magic

    It's quite easy to use and runs entirely off the LiveCD.

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