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    ZattooTV, FreeMind, etc.


    I am setting up "ZattooTV", and also "FreeMind" (MIndpapping).

    Is anybody familiar with these programs on Mepis 6.5?

    I shall report later on, with some specific questions, as I have allready nearly set it all up, and it has to get stable, etc, but the programms aren't working yet.


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    Hello again.

    Here some relevant information:

    When I click on the program-button, to try to open the program, the "Shell-window " opens for 1 - 2 seconds, and then shuts again.

    The window is empty.

    I guess, I only have to type in some correct comand-lines.
    - Has anybody a clue?


    Enjoy "SimplyMEPIS".


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    Info about my settings (the KMPlayer seems to have to work together with the Zattoo Player)

    (The movie player within the KMPlayer, is "Xine", which is one out of a choice of theree to choose from).:

    Preferences KMPlayer:



    (I was not able to take out one „dist“-folder, but I think, it does not matter., as there are in fact two „dist“-folders.)

    Movie player:


    Output plugins:

    custom set (all options).



    Preferences KMPlayer:

    Description: Media Player.

    Command: kmplayer -caption „%c“ %i %m %U

    Work path: .............................. ?

    Run in terminal.



    Zatto Player:

    Command: '/usr/bin/zattoo_player'

    Enable launch feedback.

    Place in system tray.

    Work path: /usr/bin

    Run in terminal.

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    Just received notice from „Shell KMPlayer“:

    kmplayer: View 85983469
    kmplayer: ImageRuntime::remoteReady image/gif 8852
    kmplayer: ImageRuntime::remoteReady image/png 5558
    kmplayer: playingStopped 0x80f8fd8
    kmplayer: PartBase::openURL false
    QLayout "unnamed" added to QWidget "unnamed", which already has a layout
    kxvplayer -wid 85983469 -cb kmplayer-22296/KMPlayerCallback-2 -c
    kmplayer: up and running kxvideoplayer-23883
    kmplayer: CallbackProcess::quit ()
    kmplayer: KMPlayerTVSource::readXML
    kmplayer: ~Document
    kmplayer: KMPlayerTVSource::write 13 bytes
    kmplayer: PartBase::openURL file:///home/alexander/dist/dist/usr/share/zattoo_player/Data/videos/zattoointro.movtrue
    kxineplayer -wid 85983469 -f '/home/alexander/.kde/share/apps/kmplayer/xine_config' -vo x11 -cb kmplayer-22296/KMPlayerCallback-0 -c
    kmplayer: up and running kxineplayer-24051
    kmplayer: processState Not Running -> Ready
    kmplayer: Source::currentMrl document src:file:///home/alexander/dist/dist/usr/share/zattoo_player/Data/videos/
    kmplayer: resolveURL

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    Well, I understand, that the Xineplayer is running, but that the open code/path to the Zattoo Player is not correct:

    kmplayer: View 69206253
    kmplayer: ImageRuntime::remoteReady image/gif 8852
    kmplayer: ImageRuntime::remoteReady image/png 5558
    kmplayer: playingStopped 0x80f8fa8
    kmplayer: PartBase::openURL false
    kxineplayer -wid 69206253 -f '/home/alexander/.kde/share/apps/kmplayer/xine_config' -vo x11 -cb kmplayer-1781/KMPlayerCallback-0 -c
    kmplayer: up and running kxineplayer-2185
    kmplayer: processState Not Running -> Ready

    Bye for now. I am tired...

    I will have to try to fix that path, ifff that is the problem.


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    Can anybody help me out?:

    I am trying to install "Zattoo"-tv.

    The KMP-Player is functioning separatly.

    But the Zatto Player is not activ, and when I press the icon that I made for it, only a shell-window flashes up for a second, and is gone again.

    Please also look at the other tv thread of mine under Mepis distro, here in this forum. There are some more facts/error-feedbacks listed.

    Thank you


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