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    Post Windows alternative for newbies

    I am a long time user of the Windows OS and its now that I have come to know that besides Windows there are other OS as well and the best one is Linux so I wish to fully migrate to Linux. Before I even didn't know what an OS is and I thought Windows is everything. For this to begin I am since many days searching for a Linux version which is similar to the Windows to use so that I may get to know about Linux more and become a guru some day into the future. Also because that would be Linux it would be stable. I have so far found Freespire and aLinux to be like Windows. Please inform me the other ones which are similar to Windows and suggest me which one would be the best for me. Also thereafter I wish to proudly show to my friends my PC with a Linux installed which is operating very well and ask them to install Linux too. For your information I had installed Ubuntu some time back but I could not understand it. Please guide and with my best regards to the community.

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    windows similar linux should be Linux XP, but i've never used it, so i can't give you any info...
    but there is many easy to use linux distros... ubuntu is one of them, maybe kubuntu will be better, because KDE is more similar to windows...
    ither easy distributions are for example pclinuxos, mandriva, suse, ...

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    Take a look at the link in my signature for lots of good information about getting started with Linux. One of the beneficial things you'll find there are some distribution choosers (quizzes) there that should also help you in picking a distribution.

    Have fun with LInux!

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    If you want to learn about Linux, then why do you want something that is similar to Windows? Either way, the distros that are similar to Windows are only similar in appearance, not in functionality. If you had a hard time using Ubuntu, then I would.....well, stay with Ubuntu. That is about as user friendly as it gets. Or like Runn3r.cze said, try Kubuntu. It is pretty much just Ubuntu with a little different appearance, but that may make a difference for you.

    Also, I know that what ozar pointed you to has this, but take a look at this arcticle particularly.

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    here is one you will thrilled about it:


    Best regards,

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    PCLinuxOS 2007, Mandriva 2008, kubuntu, Freespire, and Ark Linux are all fairly user-friendly for newcomers. For me, PCLinuxOS 2007 was the easiest to set up and get everything I wanted running. That doesn't necessarily mean it will be for you.
    Linux XP has a long way to go to have the polish of either of those 5 OSs that I listed. gOS is the Linux flavor Wal-Mart is hoping catches on, but it lacks polish, and I personally didn't care for the interface.
    Whichever flavor you decide you like most, don't be afraid to ask questions. Read everything you can find about Linux. It takes time. Heck, I've been using Linux off and on for several years now, and have only just recently become a true convert.
    In the time I've been a member here, I've done alot more reading than I have posting, so to those who post all the helpful tips, insights, and experiences, thank you.

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    Thank you all for giving me such a nice support. Really now that I have seen so many sites and read so much about Linux I think there is no turning back for me. It is an entire new world full of opportunities and I think why it took me so long to know about it. Indeed Windows is nothing considering the limitless things Linux has to offer. I wish there had never been a Windows 95 and instead Linux and I had been using Linux since then. It is unfortunate that it took Linux so long to notice. I think the future belongs to Linux, really. I am downloading Freespire as of now and then later try other distros you have informed me about. Thank you again for the support and I am really impressed at how supportive the Linux community is. My best regards to you all.

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