I just downloaded DSL 4.0 and installed it on the hard-drive replacing DSL 2.?, sadly I now have a problem connecting to the network and internet. It picks up an IP address from my router, sometimes lets me get on to Google but then hangs (just like Windows). It manifests the same problems whether I try Mozilla Firefox, Dillo, or MyDSL for downloads. Yet I can see it 'live' on my router.

The PC is a very old Gateway 233 mhz with 32mb Ram, it ran perfectly with the previous version of DSL, wired to the network no problem.

I am new to Linux, ever since I bought a new PC in April with Vista installed and completely lost it with Mirosoft. I also run Ubuntu Feisty wireless, on a Gateway P3, 667mhz with 256mb RAm.

Any ideas?