Hi everybody,

I have this problem with my HDD-installed version of DSL 4. I installed DSL with the normal process (not a frugal process), and with the boot manager Lilo (Grub doesn't works on my system).

I have this Sitecom Wireless Range Extender:

It has been set up to work right with any OS and any network card (previously, this computer runned on Windows 2000 Professional, and the device worked great!) and it's even working on a Live CD from Ubuntu 7.10. But, it's not working in DSL and I'm a DSL-noob. I do know about everything about Ubuntu, but there are a few differences between them

I'm sorry in advance about my possible bad English, but I'm Dutch and I live in Holland.

Well, thanks in advance!


PS: My computer is a IBM NetVista 6341-75G, but I replaced the 20GB hard drive with a 250GB hard drive from Western Digital.