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    how do I blacklist in slax

    I am using SLAX on an ASUS eee pc and the only issue is that the atheros wifi is not yet supported by madwifi. I tried to use ndiswrapper but I have to blacklist the driver that is "trying" to be used for the atheros card, but blacklist does not seem to be a command available in SLAX.

    Ideas, comments?

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    You'll need to manually edit the blacklist file. I think you'll find it in /etc/hotplug/blacklist, and you'll need root permissions to edit the file.

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    I added did the following:


    and the item that I want to blacklist shows up as:


    so I opened /etc/hotplug/blacklist and at the top I added


    and then I saved my config, rebooted, and reopened the file and found that my changes where there but when I do


    the item still shows up.

    I need to blacklist this so I can do a modprobe ndiswrapper. The atheros card does not work with madwifi yet.

    So according to another post, I also added ath_hal and that did not help.

    I also tried putting the in modules so it would load before detection, and well, that didn't help either. It is still there! Crazy thing.

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