I cannot find any forums specific to Maemo and I am having problems installing software/ packages on my N800. Any suggestions would be very helpful as I am fumbling my way though this as I am A windows man( no flaming please).

Several pieces of software give me errors when I try to install them the errors look like this:

Packages Missing: libc6 (>+2.520-1)
libglib2.0-0 (>+2.12.12-losso3)

One program has 16 of these missing packages listed! Are these missing from the apps or are the missing from Maemo?

I have tried to find these packags on line and from what little info I can find it seem to be part of Maemo.. I have the latest ver of Maemo for the N800 and most of the apps I am trying to install were written for Maemo on the n800...

Help a brotha out.