i am new to linux and like to know how to authenticate an exsisting squid proxy server (in redhat 5 to be upgradable to fedora 7 soon) users in ldap (in fedora base) with/ without unification of ldap server and squid proxy server. i have tried PAM, unable to authenticate. i use openldap v2.6 on fedora 7.
saying no user /password even though user and password exist. there are two squid proxy --
one for student and one for faculty of an institute which are working fine. i add ldap server for the institute (which i think no error in there) except authentication failure. how to add users-password files from proxy to ldap so that no difference is seen by the users using proxy eventhough they are authenticated by ldap. i have been configuring ldap server last two-three month but all in vain . i have also ask to other friends who manage the ldap server about it but of no help please help me.

any help is apreciated.

thanks from chalamba