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Thread: my PUPPY died

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    my PUPPY died

    I have been testing "little linuxes" (plural?) with old celeron500, 256M, with less than 2GB disk. So far, PUPPY is the clear winner. To be exact, pizzapup is my pet puppy. Until I killed it.

    I tried M.U.T. to mount a IDE CD. but no CD drive was shown. Then I found puppy-mount in the menus and it mounted the CD without fail. I explored the CD and opened a few files to insure it was working, and then went to dismount/eject it.
    How you ask??? with M.U.T. ! Which now displayed a CD icon complete with eject and dismount buttons. Click eject and the CD pops out. Click dismount and the machine freezes cold. No ctl+alt+del, its dead, pull the plug.

    Power ON,
    booting.... booting.... booting...............
    "Executing personal config script" /etc/rc.d/rc.local

    Now what ?

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    THe puppy

    Try and boot off the the cd. When you get the menu try "puppy pfix=purge"
    it might help

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