Hi there,

I have been searching the net lately for a new motherboard without the crapy JMicron chipset. I know JMicron has been a real pain for a quite a few users in the linux and *non* linux community so I hope to have my question answered here. I know most of Linux's problems have been fixed with JMicron but I still hope you can assist me.

If anyone knows, can someone please point me to a motherboard without the JMicron chipset?

I have a dual core, core 2 E6600 2.4Ghz and I am looking for a motherboard that will support an Intel quod core and possibly DDR3 but without JMicron! I found this: Intel® Desktop Board DX38BT Overview but I don't know if it supports JMicron.

If someone knows anything, PLEASE reply and let me know. Nothing works on my PC. eComStation does not boot, AROS does not boot, BSD does not boot and many other opetating systems.