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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrillhouse
    Well, the trash folder is hidden in home so it wouldn't be shown in any of the commands that he has run so far.
    But it should be visible with -a option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by devils_casper View Post
    But it should be visible with -a option.
    Right, but he hasn't run ls -a on /home/Shahin. He has run ls on /home/Shahin with the -l option but not -a yet.

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    Hi guys, sorry for my absence (Supervisor is on my back about deadlines)

    here is the output for ls -a /home/Shahin

    .                      .dmrc            .gstreamer-0.10    .qt
    ..                     Drivers          .gtkrc-1.2-gnome2  .recently-used.xbel
    3DDesktop              .eggcups         .ICEauthority      .redhat
    .bash_history          .evolution       .kde               .serverauth.4447
    .bash_logout           .face.icon       .kderc             .ssh
    .bash_profile          .fonts.conf      .lesshst           .superkaramba
    .bashrc                .gconf           .local             .thumbnails
    CLHEP-          .gconfd          .mcop              .Trash
    clhep-  geant4           .mcoprc            .viminfo
    .config                .gnome           .metacity          .Xauthority
    .dbus                  .gnome2          .mozilla           .xcompmgrrc
    Desktop                .gnome2_private  .nautilus
    I think that the 'home.desktop' in /home/Shahin/desktop is the extra home on the desktop. I think that when you log on to KDE it creates (home.desktop, System.desktop, Trash.desktop) in that directory. I deleted the trash can but Iam a little worried about deleting 'home'.

    ls -a ~/Desktop
    .  ..  .directory  Home.desktop  System.desktop

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