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Thread: EEEPC + modem

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    EEEPC + modem

    I just bought an EEEPC 4g and I am trying to install a Zoom USB external modem. I need this for travel. I have never even seen Linux until now. The modem gives me 3 choice for setup. I need to run from the command prompt which I know is ctr+alt+t. The choices are .rpm, .deb and .tar. I assume it is debian (?). If so it says type sudo press enter then at prompt enter super user password. Where can I find it?. Then it says for .deb enter dpkg -i dgcmodem_i386.deb then at the prompt ent the Linux source build directiory that matches your kernel. BTW the eeepc uses linux/xandros os. How do I know what kernel ??? If necessary, run dgconfig to complete the installation. I don't know what that will do since I haven't gotten thru the 2nd step.
    I would appreciate any help you can give.

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    The kernel sources are available from the Asus website (go to asus website, downloads page, select your model of eeepc, find source code , download kernel source), you'll need to install them which will be a few more steps:

    download the kernel source to a folder on your eeepc, then open a terminal, navigate to the folder you downloaded to (for example)
    cd /home/eeepc/Desktop
    extract the .rar file:
    unrar e Linux_Kernel_071127.rar
    install the source package - there is no root password on the default eeepc Xandros, "sudo <command>" will run <command> as root without requiring any password, so here type:
    sudo dpkg -i linux-source-
    This installs another zipped file in /usr/src so we need to move to this folder:
    cd /usr/src
    extract this file
    sudo tar -xjf linux-source-
    and for good measure, while we're here we'll create a standard link that other source based installs might need in future:
    sudo ln -s linux-source- linux
    Now we're ready to run the rest of your instructions, so you need to "cd" back to the folder your driver package is in and carry on... Again, we don't need a sudo password:
    sudo dpkg -i dgcmodem_i386.deb
    When (if) prompted you should enter the location of the link we made:
    or if that doesnt work, try just:
    and you should be back on your way!

    It sounds like you're doing OK for a first timer - stick with it, you'll soon pick it up and find it very rewarding A better place for you to be might be in the eeeuser forums. Good Luck!

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