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    Wireless works on CD but not install

    I recently burned a Mepis live CD to test it out on my laptop, and fell in love with it partially because my wireless worked on the live cd with not trouble whatsoever, something no other distro had ever accomplished, so I installed it. Much to my dismay the wireless no longer works, and I've got no idea why. I figured since it worked on the live CD it would work on the full install...

    Any ideas?

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    Open up the konsole and type
    Post the output. Maybe a module isn't loading.
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    It doesn't work after running the 'MEPIS Network Assistant?'

    You can configure your wireless with that utility. KNetwork Manager is still available but I think that other program works better (NM is unpredictable which is why the Network Assistant was created?)

    Go to:
    K Menu (blue ball icon) -> System -> MEPIS -> MEPIS Network Assistant

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    I had a similar problem.. I just could not get the wireless to work at all. I just installed MEPIS and this is my first time really using Linux also.. Instead of using that network assistant.. Use KNetwork Manager. You can do so by going to the K Menu, then to Internet, then Connection, Then to Network Manager.. By the way what card do you have? i have a built in Broadcom and it did not work with that network assistant but it did with the Knetwork manager. I hope i solved your problem!


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    When you have one interface enabled (for example: "Start at boot", you must have all the other interfaces disconnected.

    Having two interfaces connected at the same time: One will hinder the other one to browse with the browser.
    You can boot so many times, till the stronger one finally wins, and is able to browse the Internet. But that is not what you want.

    If only one interface is enabled to start at boot, no other one can hinder him to start.

    I guess, you had a few interfaces marked as "Start.... whatever". And that that was your problem.

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