I'm a real NEWBIE - I purchased my MythTV box from a commercial vendor in Australia, who no longer support it (URL:http://www.d1.com.au).

I want to start to upgrade & maintain it (both software and hardware). Problem is ..... I am a Linux virgin !!

Could some guru please help me with a few answers to my simple questions.

Q1] How do I get the box to boot into Linux (or preferably the desktop app)? Is it a keystroke combination at boot?

Q2] How can I set up the boot sequence to default to the MythTV app, or otherwise boot to the desktop app if I press a key within, say, 15 seconds?

(The reason I say desktop app is that I don't know what Linux distro is installed, and neither do I know if they have installed a desktop app.

On second thoughts some instructions on finding which desktop app, if installed, would also be of great assistance)

If I get this sorted out I'll have many more questions later.

Many thanks in advance.


P.S. I have, many years ago, programmed in C and used the original "vi" editor.... and even "ed(it)" !!