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    The Big "Your Personal Distro Question"

    I'm sure we've all heard "I want to build my own Distribution" but how many have actually had a good reason? Ive been skimming the internet and I cant find any guides on what I want to achieve or else I would not be here asking for help.
    I am currently using Ubuntu, and I find it extremely Windows Like, which is killing my soul. Its acting like windows as well. I try to install and tamper with things and it just flicks me off and says "You have now broken your dependancies on all your apps, please die" >.>

    Well, anyway, as the end of Senior year approaches and my huge amount of Computer knowledge under my belt, I'm realizing like any person should, that I dont know everything, and I need to learn some more. I'm going to college for formal education in Network Administration. Probably on Windows >.> But having Linux Networking Experience would be priceless. And according to my uncle, Unix knowledge is heavily needed, and I should spend time with it as well. My reason for building this distribution is to teach myself and just to have fun.

    Ok now down to brass tacks. The Distro. Currently its called Ork. Ork Linux, Ork X, it has many names. your probably thinking im rambling, and saying "ASK YOUR QUESTION" And I will, right.....

    Can anyone point me in the direction for making your own kernel commands?
    Like making the compile command "Make" into something Orkish like, *shrug* What do Orks do? Smash? So lets call it Smash, how would I Make ==> Smash.

    Also, How do I make the boot up scripts and install scripts and make a GUI ortiented install program like SUSE. Live CD is easy but how do i get the install option into it?

    Any other questions I have i will post.

    Thanks for the help.

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    ln -sv /usr/bin/make /usr/bin/smash

    but in seriousness, why don't you do a linux from scratch system and see where that takes you

    Welcome to Linux From Scratch!

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    Rock Linux is another good alternative for rolling your own:

    Main Page - RockWiki

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    BUILD MY OWN LINUX!!?? I had no idea such a thing was possible! At least not for ourselves... I just figured it was possible only if you were part of some company with the means necessary to do so.

    Hmmmm..... I think the next 6 months of my life are determined!

    ( Jonathan183, BradsLinux, and Devils_Casper think to themselves: Great!! Now we're gonna have to bust our chop to help him with this!!!! )

    haha... jk

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