Hello all,

I have a problem. I have a closed SGI IRIX system running Samba 2.3.
It was originally added to my domain, when the Domain was still AD 2K.

A year or so later, AD got upgraded to 2K3. Everything was working fine.

My machine died and I had to replace the hardware on which it was running. Since than, we discovered that, apparently, Samba 2.3 will not allow me to readd my machine into a 2K3 domain. And of course, M$ will not allow me to revert to pre 2K3.

Is there a work around? I have been pounding my head in trying to resolve this one.

The only thought I have, which just hit me now...
If I install a Standalone ADC in Windows 2000, and add my IRIX Samba to the domain, that works. I can than add that ADC 2K as a subdomain with trusts into my 2K3 domain... Would/could that work? And would my Samba shares be recognized?

Anyone had this problem before?

I cannot upgrade the Samba in Irix...