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Thread: KDE problem

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    KDE problem

    Have just installed SimplyMepis 7.1 on to a clean hard drive.
    The live cd worked ok and the mepis installed with no problems but
    when rebooted and after the login screen I get the message "There was an
    error setting up inter-process communications for KDE. Message returned=
    /home/linux/.DCOPserver_mr blue__0
    Please check "dcopserver" program is running"

    (mr blue is the name of the computer)

    I can log in to the console screen ok but how do I check that the dcopserver
    is running and if not how do I run it.

    This is the first time I've touched Unix for about 15 years so I am very rusty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blue banana View Post
    (mr blue is the name of the computer)
    Did you put a space in the host name? Maybe that's the problem (I'm just guessing, 'cause I don't know if that's possible from installation)...


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    If you enter, in konsole
    netstat -lanap
    , you will get a listing that should include dcop[etc]. At least then you'll know if it's running. I'm still running MEPIS 6.5 (sort of ), so interested to hear if you get version 7 up and running.

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