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    Firefox on ASUS EEE PC

    I'm expecting my EEE very shortly. When playing with one in a shop I noticed Firefox is a little behind. Further there seems to be no way to update it. So I'm expecting to have to do a fresh install - Probably of Firefox 3. Any ideas as to how to do that.

    Same question for Thunderbird.

    NOTE: I have NO experience of installing software on Linux - but I expect to learn.

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    You can amend your repository list to point to the latest software. When you get the PC post the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list and we will see what we can do.

    You're new to this, so I will give you one piece of advice...don't be tempted to download and install manually from There is a way that is a lot better and cleaner, so we'll try to point you in that direction and get you started.

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    Thanks! One thing I'm NOT new to is Firefox. So I ASPIRE to downloading Nightlies. I expect this will be more difficult. It's NOT essential as I DO already run Firefox 3 Nightlies on my work laptop.

    I'd also like to add Firefox extensions. I would hope an updated Firefox would allow me to do that.

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    Did this get anywhere?


    I've got exactly the same problem. Just bought an eee and want to update firefox, mainly to get the java console so I can use citrix for work. Can you guys or anyone else help?


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    The default \etc\apt\sources for the eee pc is:

    deb Index of /p701 p701 main
    deb Index of /p701/en p701 main

    I'm guessing we would need to point this at a Xandros repository to get a FF upgrade?

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