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    I want to install avg antivirus would someone tell me the go get install command

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    Go to this page and download the file for redhat then use rpm -i /path/to/downloaded/file

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    Quote Originally Posted by dressed_in_black View Post
    Go to this page and download the file for redhat then use rpm -i /path/to/downloaded/file
    I should have mentioned I am to new to know what rpm is or how to use it I know nothing at all about how to use linux thanks

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    Ok one thing to start off with then is that GNU/Linux is a lot less prone to virii (plural of virus) compaired to MS Windows. Most users tend not to use any AntiVirus at all and get along fine. I have been using GNU/Linux for over 4 years now and I have only ever once ran an AV (antivirus) once and found it was a waste of time.
    If you still want to go forward with installing AV (maybe a work requirements or something?) then please do the following.

    Visit the afore mentioned page and download the file for "RedHat based distributions (RedHat Linux, Fedora Core)".
    If you are asked where to save the file specify your desktop, cause it will help with the following.

    Open up a 'terminal'. You will need to look on your menu's for this as I don't run xandros.
    Once you have found it open it up and you are presented with a text prompt, compairable to Ms Command Prompt.

    Now, to become a superuser (access to the whole computer) you need to type the following command;

    You will be then asked for your root password, which you should have specified at install.
    then use the following command to install the AV;
    rpm -i ~/Desktop/avg75flr-r51-a1243.i386.rpm

    A lot of text will fly by and hopefully no errors will occur. If they do please do paste them on here for us to look over.

    Now you will have to have a look on the page I linked you at the user guide, cause as I said I have never used the program and have no idea to use it. It should now be installed.

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    thank you I thing I can follow your instructions with out a problem,xandros install came with a trial version of there av but they want to charge you for it after 30 days is why I was looking at avg

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    I believe Xandros uses the Debian package manager, not RPM, so you would need to download the .DEB file instead:

    Then find a terminal and type:

    su - <ENTER>
    Password: <enter root (Administrator) password>
    dpkg -i avg75fld-r51-a1243.i386.deb <ENTER>
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