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Thread: mepisgrp

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    hi guys. I got a strange problem that I hope you can all help with.

    I just downloaded Mepis 7.0 and stuck it onto a cd at work. I did a quick test just to check the ISO was good and that it burnt correctly and all was well but now when I look at the network all of a sudden there is a Mepisgrp! WTF!!! Its a live cd.
    So any ideas whats going on and what I can do to get rid of this workgroup. I didn't play with Mepis at all, just logged into the demo account to check all was ok and the machine isn't even turned on anymore yet the group is still there.

    Oh maybe I should mention that we're using Active Directory too.

    Any help much appreciated
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    That's default on an install or LiveCD. Anything that 'can see it' will pick that up.

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    Mepisgrp has to do with "Samba"-Networkgroup.

    You either do mark "Samba", and change the pseudo-default name "Mepisgrp" to your prefered name for such a group for working in the "Samba" environment, or you leave it unmarked.

    It only causes a problem, if you mark "Mepisgrp", without changing the name "Mepisgroup".

    Otherwhise, just leave it unmarked, and ignore it.

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