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    Anyone an 'expert' on Deli Linux ?

    I have just installed Deli Linux on an old PII, 128mB ram, Toshia tecra 8000 as puppy linux would not install and I saw Deli mentioned.

    I eventually got the USB to work but cant get the sound working.

    Also when I try to install software such as AMSN I get an error on using the configure command.. something like NO TCL directory. I read that TCL would need installing but they all mention Ubuntu so I'm not sure what I should do..

    Finally is there an AVI player for Deli


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    if you can not get deli to work, then give dsl (damnsmall) a is a small download and can install from live desktop to hd or usb stick. I did both a while back and added xine for movies and it detected a good deal of old hardware for me..although I have the current, I installed 2.4? it used fluxbox and dsl extensions..they were easy to install...the mini iso extensions are cool but not so great for hd installs...perhaps deli is now working and solved...I see this is last week...cheers

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