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Thread: ALSA in CRUX

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    ALSA in CRUX

    A call for Dapper Dan once more....

    I think this is a faster method than PM. So here lies a problem. I compiled the kernel for CRUX without keeping in mind ALSA. I just compiled the cs4236 module for ALSA. Don't know if ALSA is built. Now /etc/rc.d/alsa start does not work as there is no alsa script in /etc/rc.d.

    That definitely means ALSA's not there??

    Now for some instructions on compiling the kernel *with* ALSA. I'll keep on Googling

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    Not having a /etc/rc.d/alsa process script file does NOT mean that the alsa module is not in the kernel /lib/2.6.x.x/modules area. The /etc/rc.d/alsa process script file is placed there by your distribution and usually shouldn't disappear if your only regenerated a new kernel. You must have executed something else to remove it.

    The only way to see if the module is built and exists for you to use with the current kernel is to do a:
    "sudo /sbin/modprobe alsa".
    If it loads correctly there is no response, if not it will tell you why it couldn't load it.
    You are able to see if it is indeed loaded correctly by doing "sudo lsmod | grep alsa".

    I suspect you only probably simply need to "sudo make modules", "sudo make install"

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    usamamuneeb, I seem to remember alsa was not enabled by default. At least I don't think it was in 2.3. If it's not in 2.4, it's simple enough to do in Crux as I'm sure you've already done a kernel re-compile or two by now. After enabling, edit /etc/rc.conf to include it at start up. To start immediately from the command line:
    /etc/rc.d/alsa start
    If you don't have the start up script anywhere, here's mine:
    # /etc/rc.d/alsa: store/restore ALSA mixer levels
    # location of the alsactl executable
    case $1 in
                    $ALSACTL restore
                    $ALSACTL store
                    $0 stop
                    sleep 2
                    $0 start
                    echo "Usage: $0 [start|stop|restart]"
    # End of file
    After make menuconfig, You'll find Alsa in "Device Drivers" --> "Sound card support" --> "Advanced Linux Sound Architecture"

    Compile as Module. Also, make sure these are installed:
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