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    [SOLVED] centOS re-installation

    I have already installed centOS latest version which is basically got corrupted i dont know how. but now I am tring to reinstall centOS but when I press ENTER after booting from my CD1 it shows some error messages on screen and unable to start installing centOS.

    what can I do ??

    please reply. I have already posted this problem one time but no body given me reply

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    You need to let us know the exact error message because it will help someone figure out the problem.

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    its a whole page would i copy it....
    i know the error screen lay out .....its showing some 00000000 words and i think some kernal errors...
    but is this possible to start installation on a PC who has already installed centOS ?????or what are the requirment to install centOS again if we already have centOS......

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    When you boot from the CD, at the kernel boot options, enter a new attribute: acpi=force. On RedHat systems, the kernel options part is often shown at the screen that first appears after you boot from CD.

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    my hardware
    PIII 500MHz
    512MB ram
    40GB Hard Disk

    I am using CentOS 5.1 and as per your help i did but getting following error

    <0> Kernel panic - not syncing: fatal exception

    the below error when I boot from installation CD1 of CentOS 5.1 and press enter then screen shows the below error

    <0> Kernel panic - not syncing: fatal exception

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    Type linux acpi=force.
    There are a few other options. Check out which works for you.
    linux ide=nodma
    linux acpi=off
    linux acpi=off apm=off
    linux nofb
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    thanks friends
    .....My PC was doing prob thts Y these prob was occuring.hv installed centOS on a new PC

    thanks again

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