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Thread: Yoper Security

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    Yoper Security

    Not only is Yv2 very efficient, it also is very secure by default.
    You can ,of course download firestarter or guarddog as well from the
    apt repository.

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    We have kmyfirewall also

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    Yep, I was very pleased to see that an nmap run on Yoper showed only one port open: X11. That port is easily closed. Unfortunately, sshd, enabled by default on 99% of distros, isn't enabled on Yoper as it's built as a desktop OS primarily (though it is suited for servers as well). sshd is easy to enable though and Yoper comes with graphical init tools to make the job easier for the less experienced. Also, apt makes it easy for the developers to get bugfix releases of packages out to admins. An example of this was the recent libpng vulnerabilty.

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