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    Damn Small Linux Green Screen

    Hi everyone,

    I'll try and keep this brief. I'm relatively new to linux. I know some very basic commands. Have used Ubuntu, gOS and most recently DSL.

    I purchased an IBM Thinkpad 600 (266mhz, 128mb RAM, 6gb HD) to convert into a digital photo frame. After installing DSL from the CD (I didn't actually boot into DSL, just used the partitioner and set the drives up accordingly and began the install), DSL boots with terrible green screen. The screen has a very noticeable green hue - I can make out the "Getting started with DSL" window, and the DSL wallpaper, but text is completely unreadable.

    After reading many posts, I hear this is happening because the default setup lacks the proper video driver. Already I have tried several things, such as and trying both Xvesa and Xfbdev (in various modes & colour depths). Additionally, I have also attempted to enter dsl vga=7xx during the startup from the Live CD and in both cases, I'm left with the terrible green screen.

    Can anyone help? Please be very specific if you're providing me with code, that way I can't mess something up!

    Thanks everyone.

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    Neomagic video controller
    Configure the monitor as "Generic LCD / 1024x768".
    Neomagic driver from XFree86, downloaded from Index of /~alanh/drivers/x86.

    Unless you need the extra space, why not install a distro that uses a later kernel than DSL and updated drivers? Try a LiveCD first to see that it works okay. When you find a liveCD that works, install that distro. Did you try the DSL liveCD first?

    Thinkpad 600E Fedora Core 4 : Linux on Laptops

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