The Yoper team in concert with improvements to the latest Kde 3.3 Release
Candidate 2, is pleased to announce the release of Yoper Developer Edition
2.9.2. This candidate has many new options, including advancements in the
install process (multi language support. home directory support),many new
programs, as well as keeping with Yoper's cutting edge efficiency and
extremely fast install times. This release is flagged unstable as it is
our testbed for our stable releases.

The iso can be downloaded from:

The package list is on:

Some of the technical advances are:

new nvidia driver (6111), Isapnp, UDF patch, bt848 support, mppe patch

- pcmcia as an install option
- select another partition to put lilo on
- support for /home
- International options
- And more

System: Hundreds of added and updated packages, GLX improvements for non nvidia cards and added experimental support for ATI 3d hardware accelleration and many bug fixes have been incorporated.

Yoper Core development Group
Auckland New Zealand